5 Popular Trends in Promotional Giveaways Today

Consider the following trends to see what might be popular

When your business needs to advertise and boost awareness of a new product or service, consider using promotional giveaways as an effective method. Popular trends in giveaway gifts and giveaways may vary from year to year and sometimes even from company to company. While you may have a general theme for your give-away campaign, the trends that customers are trending today may help you decide what your next campaign should be. The best promotional items for companies and popular giveaways are a seamless element of your marketing message and brand, or perhaps an opportunity to reinforce the message after your campaign.

Clients love contests, and a giveaway with a cash prize is always a favorite. In fact, winning a contest is one of the fastest ways to increase awareness of your company and create customer loyalty.

Popular trends for event marketing campaigns include:

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get your brand out there without a billboard or television ad, custom printed custom bags are a great solution. You can find such bags at almost any store that sells grocery items or office supplies, and you can customize the bag to include your own label. These reusable promotional giveaways are a smart choice for companies looking to promote themselves and their brands without a long-term investment in print ads. However, because customers will use the tote more than they will put it on the shelf, it is important to ensure that consumers feel comfortable carrying it. In addition to a stylish look, custom bags offer a number of functional features that can help your brand to achieve its branding goals.

It is a well-known fact that consumers are turning to social media to communicate with their friends and family. With the rise of both Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to see why so many business owners are investing time and money in promoting their products online. With a promotional giveaways bag, your company logo will reach thousands of consumers through social media channels, which will lead to higher visibility and greater sales. Many of these giveaway bags feature a company logo, slogan, contact information, and even a free trial product – an attractive incentive to get consumers to give the bag a try. If consumers like the free gift items that come with a promotional giveaway bag, they are more likely to carry the bag around with them, which increases the chance that they will use it and bring the bag back to the business.

A unique approach to event marketing with custom-made promotional giveaways

Allows you to provide your target audience with a unique experience every time they visit your booth or visit one of your events. Because event marketing involves face-to-face interaction with your target audience, experiential marketing provides a perfect opportunity to engage consumers in conversation. Whether the experience is a game, scavenger hunt, talent show or party, your guests will appreciate the opportunity to take part in an experiential program that allows them to do something fun while at the same time receive an exciting present – like a bag or t-shirt. Experiential programs allow your guests to have fun while you show your customers how appreciative you are of their business and remind them of why they should come back to your event.

One of the most interesting trends in promotional giveaways today is eco-friendly giveaways. An eco-friendly giveaway is beneficial for the earth, as well as for the recipient. Because eco-friendly items can make a significant difference in the world, when they are used responsibly, people tend to think less about whether or not the item was manufactured responsibly. The most successful eco-friendly giveaway programs use organic, recycled materials to create the giveaway products. An eco-friendly bag or shirt works best for an eco-friendly business.

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