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Orthodontic Marketing: Attracting New Patients

If you’re an orthodontist, it’s time to take advantage of the latest tools of the trade called orthodontic marketing. We are now in a “post-modern” era when people expect faster and better results from their services, products, and interactions. Whether it’s improving your office, creating a consumer product, or creating a revolutionary medical device, people expect it all to be done “more quickly” and “more efficiently”. Well, orthodontic marketing is all about that. We are not only interested in creating a better office for our patients but also in engaging them in a dialogue about health and oral care.


Your orthodontic practice

should be a vehicle through which you can discuss these issues with patients on an ongoing basis. This is a marketing strategy designed specifically for orthodontists. Orthodontic marketing involves a variety of tools that will help your office maximize patient satisfaction and generate new business.


To develop a highly regarded practice

that is ready to welcome new patients and entice new business, you need a well-designed website. Your website will play an important role in your marketing efforts because it will showcase your academic expertise and medical knowledge. It will also help to create a professional image. A website not only sets you apart from your competition but also provides additional ways for patients to connect with you. SEO marketing is essential for this process to succeed, and you may want to enlist the services of a specialist to handle the specifics.


Your website should be easy for visitors to navigate

contain content that is current and timely, and include links that take them to contact you or to purchase products. In addition to making your information easy to find, it must be accurate and up-to-date. This is especially true when it comes to marketing strategies. Many orthodontists choose to use press releases and blogs to announce appointments, news, or any other information pertinent to the practice.


The strength of an Orthodontic Marketing program

lies in its ability to reach potential clients. To attract new patients and entice them to make new, permanent inclusions to your practice, an effective marketing strategy must be in place. One way to encourage patients to visit your office is to offer great customer service. Remember that great customer service includes answering questions that they might have and providing information that will help them understand more about what you do. For many people, making a new patient appointment is an exciting event. However, if the appointment goes well, it may just be the first time they visit your office and this makes them eager to explore your offerings.


Another way to attract new patients

is through financial management. Orthodontists who offer financial management services can be competitive with others in their field. If your financial management plan is sound, it can help your patients to reduce the cost of their braces. An Orthodontic Marketing agency will have a marketing plan that works for your practice development.

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