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how to choose the right coloured contact lenses?

Choosing the Right Coloured Contact Lenses

Whether you are a newly diagnosed patient or you have an old friend who recently had his eyes done, you will most likely ask your optometrist about the right coloured contact lenses you should use. Since there is no standard prescription for glasses, it is always difficult to determine the right contact lens for one’s eyes. This is also because different people have different vision needs. For this reason, it is not uncommon for an optometrist to suggest several brands of contacts before finally prescribing one for you. But despite these recommendations, you still have to make your own decision as to which lenses to buy. Here are some safety issues that you should consider.


First, before buying any type of glasses or contact lens

you should find out whether the glasses or the contacts you are considering have a prescription. In most instances, non-prescription coloured contact lenses do not need a prescription to be sold. This means that you can purchase these types of lenses even if you don’t have prescriptive knowledge about reading eyeglasses or vision care. However, if you are looking good with your glasses and you think that they would better enhance your looks, you should still get a prescription to ensure the safety of your glasses.


One important issue you have to take into consideration

is how safe your contact lenses are. One thing you have to remember is that your eyes are very sensitive. You should only wear glasses or contact lenses that are fitting for your eyes. If you put on something that is not the correct size or is not fit properly, it could affect your eyesight and lead to serious complications later on. This is why you must see your optometrist so he can examine your eyes and help you choose the right coloured contact lenses for your eyes. He will also let you know the risks involved in wearing the wrong types of contact lenses.


The basic structure of the coloured contact lenses

includes the lens, the insertion material, the excimer beams, the tints and the corrective contacts. The lens is the transparent part of the lens that is used to correct and alter the eye colour of the wearer. The material which is most commonly used to create the lens includes silicon hydrogel, polycarbonate and mylar. The silicone hydrogel is used because of its ability to change colour without causing any damage to the eye’s natural protein layer. Other materials which may be used include the carbon dioxide of nitrogen and aluminium.


The second part of the contact lens is the lens insertion material.

This is the coloured part that is placed on the top of the iris of the eyes. The most common material used for this purpose is silicone hydrogel, the white part of which looks like a gel and can be shaped in various ways to perfectly match the shape of the iris. Some lenses also have a rubber backing to provide comfort and an extended wearing time. The other factor that makes these lenses superior to regular contacts is their better quality of prescription.


When choosing the right coloured contact lenses

it is important to consider how dramatic a change they can make to your appearance. If you are planning to play down any natural look, the darker colour contacts would be better. If you want to play up some colours, then lighter coloured lenses may be more appropriate. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the prescription. It is important to check whether your eye doctor is prescribing the correct lenses because improper fitting can have a dramatic effect. Choosing the right coloured contact lenses can give you an exciting and dramatic change to your overall appearance, making you look stunning.

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