How to Use a Harvest Basket For Crafts

making handmade gifts then you can try making a Harvest Ball

This is an easy and fun craft that can be made in a couple of hours and doesn’t require too much materials. I’m sure you will be amazed how easy it is to make a Harvest Ball and the finished product is just as cute and cuddly as its in the making.

To make a Harvest Ball, you should use a large ball or container such as a square tray that is covered with paper. You will then need to have some black yarn in different colors that you will thread onto the ball. Next, you will tie a piece of ribbon or a cord to the end of the yarn to attach it to the ball. The next step is to make a hole in the center of the ball, this is to allow the contents of the ball to flow out.

Next, you should needle or thread a large amount of yarn through the ball. The last step is to tie the end of the yarn onto the end of the string, so that the whole thing looks like a wand. The next time you make a Harvest Ball, you should make sure that the string has enough length so that the entire ball hangs straight. You can also add beads or tiny toys to the Harvest Ball in order to make it more unique.

How to use a Harvest Ball is simple

All that is needed is to put it on a table or other flat surface, tie the cord to it and start swinging it around. When using a Harvest Ball, it is important that you take your time and swing it in a smooth and flowing motion. If there are any balls that are stuck on the side of the basket then you can use a sharp object to remove them. This is especially important if the table is very wet or has a lot of grass or dirt on it. If your table is covered with a blanket then you may want to cover the ball with something else so that the ball doesn’t stain the blanket.


Once you have finished swinging the ball around you can now use it to make crafts. One such craft is called a Harvest Shelf. To make this craft you will need: two shears, a craft foam board, a piece of yarn or ribbon and some craft paint. First you will need to cut a small wooden frame out of foam, which you will use to support the craft board while you cut your fabric into strips and attach them to the wooden frame.

Now you will need to sew strips of your fabric onto the wooden frame. Make sure that the strips are sewn together properly so that they form an even layer. After this step you will attach the piece of ribbon or yarn to the frame, which you will do by sewing it onto the frame securely. The next step is to glue the yarn onto the frame and attach the frame onto the table. Finally you will glue a cute handle onto the Harvest Shelf and you are done!

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