Popular Women’s Shoes of the Century

Boots have been around for so many years

While they were once utilitarian work boots, they have evolved into a very fashionable fashion accessory. This kind of shoe has been worn by people from all walks of life and has had a significant part in the culture of many countries.

Origins Of Boots In early medieval times, boots were only worn by peasants. As time passed, the demand for boots increased among the people and this caused an increase in production. In the middle ages, boots were worn by peasants as well as people of the noble class. In the late medieval ages, boots were often used by the lower class for protection, but later they gained popularity. In the early to mid 1800s, boots were worn by workers, poor classes, and royalty.

Boots are  for dirt and cheap to buy

The Making of Boots In the middle ages, boots were manufactured from hide rather than leather. hide was cheaper than leather and it also took a longer time to tan. In fact, until the 1870s, boots were not designed by the typical high quality boot makers. Most likely, in those years boots were worn by workers who lived in the outskirts of town, as they were dirt cheap to buy.

Lace-up Boots Although the laces of the boots become popular in the modern world, the popularity of the boots in the middle ages can be accounted to its practicality. When laced shoes became popular, boots with laces were also produced by many companies, mainly for economic reasons. After the lace-up style became popular, many shoe manufacturers produced laces that tied in the back rather than on the front. These became popular with urban working class women who preferred not to tie their boots.


Ankle Boot The ankle boot is perhaps the most traditional form of footwear in the Victorian era. They became popular in the late eighteen hundreds, when women with tall figures began to wear high heeled boots, which helped them look taller. Ankle boots were also worn by men in the late nineteenth century, when they tried to reduce the bulk of their boots. After the fashion for ankle boots disappeared, flat boots became popular in their place. Flat boots are usually wider at the top than in the heel, are stiff to wear, and have no laces.

The Victorian Era Fashion Boot The full-length, square toed boot, which was originally called a gladiator boot, gained popularity in the late afternoon of the Victoria era. They were designed to protect the lower leg from hot pavement. They had a very square toe box and often had a pointed toe, so that the toes could grip the pavement. They were designed to protect the foot and to protect the lower legs from harsh asphalt. The Victorian boots were originally made from calfskin, which was stiffened with wax, but they soon became made from cotton, which was cheaper.

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