Simple Home Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

Home maintenance is defined as the care of physical facilities owned by a person or group, including residential buildings and facilities for the care of the elderly. Home maintenance includes the diagnosis and resolution of mechanical problems in a residential building and pertains specifically to house maintenance in order to prevent such problems from occurring. The scope of home maintenance covers the interiors as well as exteriors of the buildings. The interior part refers to all the spaces of the buildings and the exteriors refer to the grounds and walls of the residential buildings. These days, home maintenance has become an important factor for many homeowners.

home maintenance


There are various types of home maintenance. Home improvement is maintenance on renovations, alterations and additions that make a home more beautiful and worth living in. It mainly involves repairs to the roofs, walls, windows, plumbing, heating system and drainage systems. Repairs can be done on these parts of the building to provide safety for the occupants. Home improvement also involves repair on major appliances like refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and so on.

House Maintenance

House maintenance also includes keeping the house clean. It is necessary for the residents to keep the place clean as it would attract vermin and pests like rats and cockroaches. There are several methods of cleaning that are followed depending on the condition of the residents’ houses. For instance, cleanliness depends on the type of the appliances installed inside the home. In case of electronic appliances, home maintenance professionals apply electrical and electronic sealants that help protect the appliances against dirt and dust.

One of the main parts of home maintenance is keeping the heating system of the house efficient. For this purpose, the heating contractors make heating adjustments according to the rooms of the house. They also determine the right way of adjusting the furnace in order to improve efficiency. As part of home maintenance checklist, they check and repair any faulty devices installed in the heating systems.


The home maintenance checklist also includes checking the winterization of the house. This involves regular inspection of the gutter system, chimney and roof of the house. In case of leakages and dampness in the roof, the gutter is checked first. If these problems are found in the gutter system, then it needs to be repaired immediately otherwise it might cause structural damage on the top of the building. In the case of leaks and dampness in the chimney, a home maintenance professional checks if there are any obstructions in the chimney which might be causing the leakage.

Cleaning the gutters, repairing cracks on the walls and repairing leaking doors and windows are some other common repairs carried out by the contractors. Vacuuming and inspecting the siding and ceiling is another part of home maintenance checklist. Home maintenance professionals also clean the fireplace and install a new one if required. In case the plumbers need to repair any pipe, sewer or drain in the house, they first test the strength of the pipe using a flow test then carry out the repairs.

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