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Common Mistakes Made by Software Development Companies

Software development is one of the most essential stages of the software development life cycle. When you start a new software project, you are starting the first steps towards its full development. The actual process starts with the software concept to the idea to development and finally to testing and bug-fixing. If you think software development is just about designing and coding, here are five things you probably need to know about the entire process:


Software testing stage 1

Analyzing. A common myth among most business owners regarding software development is that the main stage of software development entails the creation and the coding. Yes, solid coding and creative design are also very important. However, these things do not happen overnight so, for your team to deliver quality work, they need plenty of time to conduct thorough testing.


Software development forecasting

Most businesses and organizations fail to understand the real importance of predicting future issues and problems so they over-predict the time it will take for software development to complete a certain piece of work. No, it’s not a bad thing to make educated guesses. However, the developers must be able to back up their forecasts if these estimates turn out to be wrong.


Software application development forecasting

It is estimated that only 10% of all software development projects finish within the planned timeframe. This number comes from the fact that many developers overestimate the amount of time it takes them to complete the project and when this estimate becomes reality, they cannot finish the task in the allotted time. With this in mind, businesses and organizations need to gather accurate lead author data. Lead author data is information regarding how many customers, which department did the lead obtain the lead from, the lead date, and other important details that can help them improve their software development forecasting.


Another one of the common mistakes that software developers

make is estimating time-to-market too early. In some cases, developers do not set up enough time for thorough testing. While some of these companies may think that it costs less to conduct a testing campaign before launching an application, it actually costs more because it takes longer to identify bugs and fix them. As such, another one of the mistakes is to release an application before it has been completely tested and fixed.


The mistake of relying on low-code platforms

Low-code platforms are often utilized by developers to minimize the cost involved in software development. The problem with using low-code platforms is the fact that it makes it difficult to test the applications formally. If another year comes, it would take several more months to fix the errors that have already been introduced in the previous year.

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