The Rise of Technology in Art

The rise of technology in art has changed the very definition and purpose of painting. Before, the painting was done manually using oil paints. Modern technology has created a new medium that enables artists to create paintings by the use of electronic equipment. Paintings and photographic images have become digital and therefore have been able to undergo tremendous changes. This is a great thing for the artists because it gives them better opportunities to express themselves on various subjects without needing to physically paint on the subjects.


the technology for video art was introduced

However, artists and technologists share a common goal: to create art that can be shared by many people. That is why, when the technology for video art was introduced, artists started to use this new technology to enhance their art forms. The development of this technology paved the way for the rise of art videos in the twenty-first century. Art videos are artworks produced by both established and amateur artists in different formats.


the aesthetic sense of the painting

One example of an art video is the clipart produced by photographers through his camera. Artists who incline photography make use of this medium to illustrate their paintings or establish the aesthetic sense of the painting. For instance, if you look at the works of photographer Robert Mapple, you will notice the clipart made out of his photographs. As you can see, the images incorporated into the clipart are real photos that the photographer took. Nowadays, many websites offer free clipart templates to aspiring artists who wish to improve their skills in taking pictures.


the painter’s illustrations or sculptures

When paintings are created by an artist, the image that the artist uses to create the painting is called a canvas. However, when a photograph taken by a photographer is used as a canvas, the image becomes a painting. In fact, most modern paintings are either taken by photography or created by some other means. In most cases, the photographer’s images are used to help the painter create a painting that will capture the audience’s imagination. Therefore, a piece of artwork made with an artist’s hand and an exquisite camera is more artistic than a piece of artwork made by other means.


the 3D modeling

The use of technology in art also includes the use of 3D modeling. This technology is used to create realistic representations of products such as cars and airplanes. People can go online to check out these paintings and sculptures. Nowadays, people are using video to create such paintings and sculptures.


Video art is a new way for artists and crafters to display their talent and artistic skills. There are several sites on the internet where one can find information on how to design these videos. Some websites allow one to make their own video art to sell online. The rise of technology in art has resulted in the invention of new ways of expressing the artist’s creative impulses.

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