Three Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn to Market Canabis

When looking for a new way to promote your company, you may want to consider using LinkedIn to help build your profile and business presence. LinkedIn is one of the top-ranked business networking sites in the world and continues to grow every day. If used correctly, it can help you grow your company by giving you access to thousands of professionals in different fields. These professionals are looking for other professionals like yourself who are looking for work, and they are happy to share their tips and tricks. With this in mind, you can use LinkedIn to your advantage and create a profile that bringing in the right people to help you grow your business.



providing a bit of background information

When you begin building your profile on LinkedIn, keep in mind that your profile should not be solely about your work or career. On this site, you can simply put in a description of your career, how you grew up in your particular city, what your interests are, etc. Then, add in your cannabis experience, such as working in marijuana retail or growing it yourself. When doing so, you are providing a bit of background information that is relevant to the position and network you are trying to find.



the respect and professionalism

When you begin posting to your LinkedIn network, make sure to always write in a friendly and professional tone. Keep in mind that if you want people to take you seriously and want to get to know you better, you have to show them the respect and professionalism that you deserve. On the site itself, use your voice instead of your text. Ask questions when necessary and be sure to always answer them with professionalism, too. In addition, when writing about yourself, always spell-check your writing!



stay connected with others in your industry

Another great thing about having a profile on LinkedIn is that it will help you stay organized. Not only does it allow you to stay connected with others in your industry, but it also keeps you organized on all the important stuff going on in your business. You can use this site as a central location to store leads, respond to emails, keep your contacts up to date on what’s going on, and much more. All of these things help your networking skills grow and improve your overall experience as a cannabis professional.



use LinkedIn to market cannabis

The last reason to use LinkedIn to market cannabis is because of its ability to provide access to your network. When you join LinkedIn, you will be able to search within groups that are related to your field of expertise. This allows you to meet other professionals in your field who may share some of the same interests as you do. Whether you decide to go one-on-one with them or simply send them a business-related message, having a profile page on the site can greatly increase your chances of landing that next job.



great place to take the networking further

It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started in the cannabis industry or if you have been in business for several years, there are many ways to use LinkedIn to market cannabis. If you are looking to connect with other professionals in your field and find out what they’re working on, you can do that by creating your own profile page. If you are looking to market cannabis and find out where other professionals in the cannabis industry are networking, you can do that as well. No matter what your needs or reasons are, LinkedIn is a great place to take the networking further, as it allows you to not only find new connections but also to keep your existing connections up to date about what’s going on in your field of expertise.

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