Tips on Lowering Your Energy Bill – Negotiating With Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Many of the energy providers offer different pricing for the service of electricity and gas to different homes and businesses in an area. The price quoted by them depends upon the volume of electricity or gas that you use, the location of the meter, its age and other factors. Here is a guide to assist you in finding an energy supplier.


The first step that you can take when looking for energy suppliers is to ask your friends and relatives who already use energy suppliers for their electricity and gas bills. This will help you get some names and contact numbers of reputable energy suppliers in your locality. It is very important that you ask for opinions from people who use energy suppliers regularly as price quoting from them needs to be accurate.


There are many websites that you can visit to find out prices of energy suppliers. There are websites of state run utility companies and there are also websites of independent energy suppliers. The former websites of state run utility companies have more accurate data than the independent ones. You should also be aware of website scams that just seem too good to be true at first glance. Most scam sites have banners and pop ups that look like they are from big companies when in reality they are not.

When you start negotiating with energy suppliers, make sure you do it in the presence of your family and friends. It is always better to be prepared so that when the time comes for the price quoting there is no one around to interfere. You might find some energy suppliers who are hesitant to give out lower price quotes. It is important that you know how to handle such situations because such a reaction could be dangerous to your pocket.


Always be patient and never lose hope if you do not get good response from your energy supplier in the initial stages of your negotiation. Sometimes it could take up to a few months before the energy supplier agrees to lower the price of your energy bill. However, the end result is worth all the waiting. Not only will you pay less on your energy bill but also you will contribute to help save the environment. Energy suppliers also tend to invest more in green projects so you can see that your contribution is returned in the form of tax credits and other financial benefits.

Negotiating with energy providers does not mean that you would forget to pay your bills. Your contractually agreements with your energy company can still be enforced even if you find a cheaper option for your energy bill. The process would simply entail you calling your provider and informing them of your intention to switch to a new supplier. Make sure you discuss all the terms and conditions of switching with your current energy supplier before you close the deal.

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