types of perfume brands for the Feminine Man

Perfume Brands For the Feminine Man

The Perfume Brand is a symbol of prestige for most of us today. A high-end perfume like Chanel or Christian Dior can cost thousands of dollars. While many people would love to own these expensive fragrances, few of them know how to choose perfume bottles properly. Here, around a dozen of the most wonderful niche perfume brands that you ought to know, from ancient houses which used perfume to royalty to new entrants who customize scented bottles. This list, in no particular order, contains the top 20 best fragrance brands in the world


Chanel: The Chanel perfume brand

was founded by the designer Christian Dior back in 1926 and since then has grown to become one of the most popular fragrances on earth. The scent list of this perfume brand ranges from citrus to floral, spicy to woodsy, and everything in between. In fact, Chanel is famous for producing some of the most long-lasting and versatile fragrances in the industry. Whether it’s your classic chamomile or lavender that you are looking for, or a new scent altogether, Chanel can deliver.


Giorgio Armani: Another one of those perfume giants

Giorgio Armani is known not only for its fantastic designs but also for its consistent perfume quality. Though the Armani fragrance collection changes frequently, the fragrances produced by the company have proven to be long-lasting and sensual. Some of Giorgio Armani’s fragrances include Dolce and Gabbana, and Via Dellagio. For a more affordable way, try the newer Cologne offerings from Giorgio Armani, such as the Eau De Cartier Cologne. If you’re looking for elegance with an extravagance of taste, then the designer Cologne from Giorgio Armani is perfect for you.


Channel Yourself: Just as the name indicates

Channel yourself with Channel perfume by Christian Dior. The fragrances produced by this designer house create a timeless classic fragrance that appeals to women of all ages. Many Channel perfumes include Eau de Cologne, which is a classic blend of rose, violet, and lavender. Eau de toilette is another great choice if you want to invigorate any given moment in time. If you don’t care too much about finding the perfect perfume, Channel also has some other niche colognes such as a sporty fragrance called Essensia. For more information on all of Channel’s fragrances, visit their website today.


Abercrombie and Fitch: Abercrombie and Fitch

are known not only for their amazing clothing line but also for their powerful perfume lines. You can choose a male fragrance called Strong Leather or a female fragrance called Amour Fougere. If you love spicy smells, then you will love A&F’s Floral Accord, which is made up of roses, grapefruit, and spicy spices. They also have a nice line of citrus choices, including Island Kiss and Citrus Rush. For something completely different, try spraying Amour Fougere on a perfume mug and then spray a light pink candle on your wrist.


Calvin Klein: With its wide array of perfumes

Calvin Klein creates a great selection to suit just about anyone’s taste. Their classic perfumes include Sexy Money Can’t Take It, I’m Dreaming of Paris, and Take Me Out. Each of these ladies’ scents is made up of a blend of exotic flowers, musk, vanilla, and amber, making each a perfect blend for the evening. Spray some sexy perfume and turn up the seductive game.

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