What Are the Basics of Divorce? Hiring a Lawyer

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll know who should be representing you in your divorce case

There are a lot of emotions that you’ll have to deal with after you decide to file for divorce, but one of the most important is to pick the right divorce attorney for your case. This is not an easy decision there are many factors to consider, including how much money you and your spouse will be able to spend on legal representation, the emotional toll that a divorce can take on your lives, the strength of your relationship with your children, etc. As you consider these factors, you might find yourself asking, “Who should I hire to represent me in my divorce case?” In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to start this process, as well as some things to consider when hiring a divorce lawyer.

First, ask for at least two or three recommended names of local attorneys who focus on family law. Check out the following website for a full list of divorce lawyers: Divorce Professionals Directory. For each state, the site features a list of current practicing lawyers along with contact information. Some directories list more than one attorney, while others only list one or two.

the professionals working for the law firm will begin contacting attorneys that match your needs

Your next step should be to contact each of the attorneys listed in the above directory to schedule an initial consultation. In this meeting, talk about the details of your case, the division of property and child custody, the division of income, etc. Although it is not required to ask these questions, it is a good idea to do so at this point. If you don’t have any significant information to share with the attorneys yet, you’ll save yourself time later.

Once you’ve scheduled your initial consultation, the professionals working for the law firm will begin contacting attorneys that match your needs. You can expect up to three initial phone calls from the firm. Ask each of the attorneys for their client reviews. If you haven’t heard from them after seven days, don’t give up hope. Keep trying.


Finally, if you are interested in hiring a family lawyer, it is advisable to shop around before making a final decision. Ask friends and family members for recommendations and consider hiring a lawyer who had a good relationship with your ex-spouse. Be sure to consider the cost of a divorce and consider the quality of the attorney. A great lawyer may be more expensive, but he/she could also offer support that you might need during the process.

Although it may seem overwhelming, filling out the forms for a divorce can actually be quite easy. The steps are simplified and often do not require a great deal of work on your part. If you have several attorneys in mind and you have several questions about the divorce, you will likely be able to find a lawyer that fits your needs.

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